Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Theme Lab

In today's lab i worked with the pre-k again and we made Olympic medals. I got most of the class to come join me and make the medals, some of the children were really excited and others were a little shy because i was new to them. The ones that were really into it remembered me from the last lab and came right over to me and wanted to do what i was doing. We crafted these medals because we had an Olympic theme for this lab. Once we did our craft they had snack and after snack my group member read the book The Wuzzolympics. They all seemed to enjoy the book. After that we played a game in the room with them. the game consisted of moving like an Olympian. For example, a group member would say "snowboard like a snowboarder" and they would pretend they were snowboarding. This game got them warmed up for the activities we did in the gym. In the gym we played tag games but instead of always running they had to hop, gallop, and run. Just about all of them could run pretty well and did it like it with all elements correct. Having them hop was good to see because they understood that hopping was on one foot but most of them didn't have the other elements down. Galloping some good do it well and others not so well. you have to get right down to all of the students level and show them otherwise they don't give you their full attention and wont understand the activities. Over all i believe the lab went really well and i believe that the children enjoyed all of the activities that we did with them.

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